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The Art Garage™ started with a small idea in downtown Calgary, aiming to help artists get exposure for their work. Gallery space is expensive, hard to get in with high commission rates, and there is no guarantee anyone will come in the door. It soon became obvious, that it would make sense to help our fellow artist members see beyond the walls of their home studios and get out there-- in the real world--in front of people and collectors who are looking to invest in artists. Currently, we offer pop up marketing services in select high traffic locations in order to help our artists find forever homes for their work as seamlessly and affordable as possible.

Affordable Drop in Fee $20*

no commission fee

Contact for time and location

Our mission

At the Art Garage™ we want to change how and where we buy art. Rather than offering one location, we want to show up at as many great locations as possible and make lives easy and carefree. Our goal is to match our art with collectors on the go. We have the perfect piece to fit their tastes, needs, and budgets. We go where the buyers are.

How it Works

Starting this summer, on Sunny Saturdays & Sundays when people are out and about we have scouted out the best high traffic locations for outside `plein air' on site painting with our artist member group. The Art Garage™ drop in event is a great way to get social media content, followers and likes. Not to mention mingling with fellow artists and meeting new people. A groovy group-- we the artists can set up in some very cool spots. Adult independent artists only. Drop in fee applies.

Drop in Fee $20 includes: 1. An artist image 2: A link to your social media or online gallery through the Art Garage™ site directory. 3. Unlimited drop in privilege for the season.

*Drop in fee is for plein air events only and does not include indoor events and tradeshows where extra costs apply.

Our members

Our strength lies in our individuality. Welcome artists in any media.




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