Next Pop Up Art Show is July 13 &14 at 122, 10St NW Calgary

Visual Artist List

Christine Perrin mixed media artist
Christine Perrin mixed media artist

Formally educated in interior design & architecture, cinema, television, stage and radio along with a degree in communication. In her sixth decade, Christine Perrin has embraced the pioneer spirit of a multidisciplinary visual artistic lifestyle. By starting up The Art Garage, she aims to get a variety of unknown art pieces accessible to the public and to economically assist other emerging artists with affordable marketing efforts. Along with a head for business, her use of innovative and traditional materials, photography, natural light, human nature and historical artistic references are what influence her authenticity and creativity.

Her work is exhibited through private and public art shows, select pop up and mobile gallery locations in Calgary, Bow Valley and online through The Art Garage website. Her work is a growing concern through continuous practice and experimentation. “I believe people need art—it is not a frivolous investment, it is necessary to our collective well being”